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Scientific kits

At 'Box of Science', we are promoting culture of hands-on education. For that we have developed number of innovative kits. These kits are based on principle of 'Learning by Doing'. Every kit is designed in simple way, yet it is serving as a powerful tool for self learning. While designing these kits we have gone through school curriculum. This mapping of scientific activities with school syllabus will strengthen impact. 

Box of Science kits are also serving as a science project models. Children are using our kits for further exploration of science and technology.  Every kit serves as a tool for science models and science experiments for kids.

Teachers can use these kits in classroom for demonstrating scientific concepts. We realize that there is lack of good teaching tools out there. And the cost was also issue. Now teachers have started using our kits to demonstrate key terminologies in science. When we went on a survey, one of the science teacher told us - "Classrooms have never been so interesting for me and my pupils". We encourage teachers to join this movement on science education and allow us to facilitate you.

Energy Conversion Kit

Solar Energy Toy

With this innovative tool, children may understand about renewable energy sources. Solar energy conversion kit is designed as a hands on learning aid. Teachers may also use it.

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Solar Car Kit

Solar Car

This is an innovative kit designed to aware kids about smart energies.It is based on theme of 'Mars Rover'. This solar toy will facilitate learning by doing culture. The manual inside kit will help in designing.

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Chemistry Kit

Chemistry Lab Kit

 ChemLab kit facilitates experiential learning of Chemistry. It includes more than 10 activities. All the chemistry activities are mapped to school curriculum hence it will boost fundamental understanding.

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Magnetism kit

Magnetic Project Kit

Designed to provide hands-on knowledge of magnets, this kit includes 10 activities. It covers basic concepts like properties of magnets, magnetic poles, magnetic induction, directional properties, DC motor, Levitator, Elctromagnet making etc

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Wind Energy Kit

Wind Mill Project Kit

This Kit is designed to help kids for learning about: Generation of electricity, Concept of renewable energy, Electronic circuitry and much more... Kids can make a working model of wind energy by using the manual given with this kit.

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Periscope Kit

Periscope Kit

This kit is suitable for curious toddlers. Kids will have to make their kit on their own.Helps in understanding basic physics of light, optical phenomenon like  reflection. It is suitable for all ages. Enjoy learning with Box of Science

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Solar Cap

Box of Science. Solar cap. Solar Toy. Science kits. Science projects.

Try our innovative range of solar powered caps. These solar fan caps are designed to inculcate understanding of renewable energy sources. And they are fun to use as well.

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Aeromodelling Kit

Aeromodeling kit. DIY science. Box of Science. #Aeromodelling. Science kits

Get your own kit for DIY aeromodelling experience. Make a flying propeller with the help of 'Box of Science's' kit. Learn about flying machines.

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Walking Robot


Explore the world of robotics. Get your walking robot. This is a do-it-yourself  mechanical robot which will help in knowing basics of robotics.

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