One Day Science Activities

Currently we are conducting number of short duration Science Activities. Topics are selected from primary and high school science curriculum. And ranges from Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Optics, Magnetism, Smart Energy etc. Every 'One Day Workshop' involves following features:

 Take home DIY models

Short printed notes, Expert guidance, A/V slide shows (wherever needed)

Children enjoy such type of events. All of the topics and models are mapped to their curriculum. Hence these activities help them in understanding concepts; thoroughly.

Science in Action - Clubs

This is a long duration program. Which is scheduled for 10-12 sessions (Once a week). The syllabus of this program supports academic curriculum. Students can perform as many as 50 activities, experiments and models throughout the program. An exhibition marks end of this innovative program. Certificates are given on the basis of assessment. This provides unique opportunity to kids for exploration of magical world of science.

Vacation Camps

During winter and summer breaks, we facilitate schools with number of camps. Mostly arranged in school premises, these camps help trio of kids, parents and schools to utilize holidays productively.

Robotics Club

Hands-on study of technology is vital nowadays. Hence we have designed a holistic program for kids to enjoy robotics creatively. We cater them through technical world. This program focuses on all the basic concepts of artificial intelligence. Its uniqueness lies in Do-It-Yourself culture.

Project making and Science fair

We have extended our cooperation in designing,developing and providing technical hand for school science projects. Apart from that we facilitate schools in organizing science fairs.