Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership


Inculcating creativity as a social responsibility

At 'Box of Science' our team is facilitating better execution and planning of Corporate Social Responsibility projects. We have designed number of programs and DIY science kits based on  school curriculum. It not only boosts their inquisitiveness but also helps in academics.

Every session includes a take home project kits. Subjects for this program varies for different age groups.  

School child is fascinated with pool of thoughts, high energy. We don't want them to lose it over violent video games or Television. We believe that every child is special and if nurtured with excellent hands they will be the best citizens of India.

We are working with number of organizations and companies for sustainable corporate

responsibilities like TATA, Snehalaya, SAMPARC, Bal-Gram, ISKON, Gurukulam etc. And so far it is serving as good examples of corporate social responsibility projects.

Following are few activities that we can do:

One day science workshops

Teachers training

Science Club 

Vacation Camps

Science talent competition 

Kit distributions