Upcoming Scientific Events

Annular Solar eclipse 2020

Annular Solar Eclipse 2020

Join us and explore this astronomical event in the month of June. 

Arrange events for awareness of the Solar Eclipse at your School, institution.

Share images of your event and get a digital certificate for 'Science Communication'

TO know more about the Annular Solar Eclipse click the link:

Zero shadow day

Zero Shadow Day

Participate in 'Zero Shadow Day Observation'. Share pictures with us and get a digital certificate. Explore this astronomical phenomenon with hands on activities. 

Science Activities

At 'Box of Science' we are developing science activities that are helping teachers and kids. Explore these hands on science activity and enjoy learning by doing.

Explore Science at home. Try this exciting activity.

Understand concept of static electricity with simple DIY activity. Make your own electroscope.

Science from household material. Explore best out of waste. Enjoy making a project of vacuum cleaner.

Understand concept of siphoning with this simple activity. Try it on your own. Unbox creativity with us!