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Parag Gore


We are working for Science education since last 15 fruitful years. During this decade we have reached thousands of students through hundreds of workshops, slide shows, sky observations, experts talk, teacher's training and what not.

At Box of Science, we believe that education has power to transform any nation and all earthlings. But the way of educating little curious sparkles needs to be revamped. Current system lacks in many ways.
One of that is experiential approach. Hence we have dedicated our efforts to transform it.

Devoted activists from our team have designed diverse activities to nurture curious minds.

Providing Hands on Experience to students is a verified method for their growth, analytical skills and logical thinking. It is accepted as a proper education method in many developed countries. Activity based learning helps in boosting creativity and confidence. School child is fascinated with pool of thoughts, high energy. We don’t want them to lose it over violent video games or Television. Science learning through activities will help in channelizing their energy.

We believe that every child is special and if nurtured with excellent hands they will be the best citizens of India and perhaps the world.Our team is committed to produce every aspect of education with Excellency. We will continue to inspire young generations through our efforts and experiential culture.

Our Vision


 Box of Science is a movement, born out of social work that we are doing since a decade. It is a fire of change started by young and enthusiastic rebels. We believe that education is the only way to transform human civilization. We are calculating all possible ways to cultivate more productive model of education.

Our mission is to empower our generations with confidence that they can create something, they can lead the world. The education that we are providing today contains flaws. One of which is lack of Learning-by-Doing approach. With our efforts we envision an idea, the possibility of transformation. 

Join our movement for Inspiring Young Minds of the India. 

Education First

Box of Science workshop. Science Activities. School Projects.

Since dawn of our civilization on this planet, we have directed our growth on the foundation of the education.

Educating next generation plays vital role in our evolution and persistency to survive. But as we can see somehow; we are losing or we have lost RADAR that points to ideal direction. 

Education for passing exams and getting jobs is mere one way to look at it. Education can be more than that. 

At Box of Science  we are working towards next transformation. 

we innovate ways to nurture curious little geniuses, and we believe that education comes first for any transformation to be achieved.