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Box of Science kits

DIY Kits

Get your 'Box of Science'. These kits are designed to inculcate experiential education. Our kits can help kids in understanding basic concepts of science and technology. It may also facilitate designing Science Projects and schools science models

Science kits

Parent Subscription

Parents can subscribe for our program to receive a set of 'Science in Action kit'. These kits are designed to inculcate hands on science education. All the science experiments for kids are mapped to school curriculum. This helps in academic progress as well.

Box of Science workshops

Sell with us

Join us for selling our innovative kits. We are looking for passionate people across the nation to spread this movement on 'Activity Based Education'.

We are committed to 'Science for Kids' 

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Our Initiatives

For Schools

Box of science workshops.

We are conducting our activities through number of schools. Join us and start science clubs in your school. Every kid gets take home science project kit. This boosts their curiosity and improves confidence that they can create something.

Teachers Training

Box of Science camp. Teachers training program. Science teachers workshop. Educational aid.

We facilitate teachers with number of DIY kits and Hands-on training programs. 

The science teachers' training is developed to augment classroom teaching.

Contact us, for this workshop in your school. Know more.

CSR Partnership

CSR activity. Box of Science CSR activity. CSR education

We are facilitating Corporate Social Responsibility by active participation. We are working with number of organizations like TATA, ISKON, SAMPARC Balgram, Sakal etc for better education in India. 

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Science Popularization

Astronomy kits. Science kits. Box of science. Telescope.

Since last 15 years we are working for popularization of science. We conduct science activities, astronomy events, robotics camps and number of science communication activities. 

Join us as a 'Science Communicator'


Robotics. Box of science.

Holistic program for DIY technical education. We have developed number of programs for robotics. These robotics programs are conducted in schools as well as our centers.

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Become Activity Partner

Activity partner. Science teacher. Box of Science.

If you have zeal of making difference in education field, join this movement and follow your dreams.

Apply here and become part of this movement. Start your own center with us.

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