Annular solar eclipse. Get information about annul solar eclipse from India

What is an annular solar eclipse?

As the name suggests it is a solar eclipse. There are three major types of solar eclipses.

The total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and the annular solar eclipse.  

The name “annular” has its origin from a  Latin word “annulus”, "a ring". If the characteristic ring of fire is visible from even just one location, the whole eclipse is called an annular solar eclipse.

However, in most places and for most of the duration, an annular eclipse looks like a partial solar eclipse. At Box of Science we are trying to reach out to people so that they may understand and observe this celestial event, as such events are very rare. 

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Visibility map from your location

Annular Solar Eclipse from India

This graphic map is representation of the visibility of annular solar eclipse from India. The color gradient shows how the Sun will look from different locations in India. 

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Explore Annular Solar Eclipse 2019

Diagram of eclipse

Annularity Areas in India

Diagram of eclipse

Annular solar eclipse 2019 diagram . how solar eclipse happens

This diagram will help you in understanding how annular solar eclipse occur. 

This year's eclipse is visible from Southern Part of India. Enjoy it !

When it occurs?

Annularity Areas in India

Diagram of eclipse

Annular solar eclipse from India. What is annular solar eclipse.

 An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's visible diameter is smaller than the Sun's, which blocks most of the Sun's light and causing the Sun to look like a ring.

Annularity Areas in India

Annularity Areas in India

Annularity Areas in India

Annular solar eclipse in India. These are the locations fr annularity.

Mangaluru, Kasaragod, Thalassery,

Kozikode, Ootacamund, Palakkad,

Coimbatore, Erode, Karur, Dindigul,

Shivaganga, Tiruchirapalli, Pudukkottai

Timing of eclipse from your city

The timings of 'Annular Solar Eclipse' from major city areas are here. Download list from following link. Contact us for any details.

Annular Solar eclipse timing from india (jpg)