School Activity Clubs by Box of Science

Science Club

Box of Science clubs

We facilitate 'Activity Based Science Clubs' at 50+ schools across India. These clubs are helping kids with experiential learning. Children gets a chance to understand scientific concepts with hands on experiments. All the sessions have take home kits and certificate for participation.

Electronics Club

Electronics club by box of science

This activity club is designed to provide insights on 'Electronics'. Kids get to perform 12+ activities in electronics. It helps in understanding key concepts of the subject. Like working of different components,

making sensor based circuits,

designing projects etc.

Space and Astronomy Club

Space and astronomy club by box of science

Box of Science team is full of astronomers.

So our Space-Astronomy club is developed

with very innovative approach.

Kids in this club gets exposure of hands on astronomy. They make different models like 3D rockets, Earth-satellite, Moon rover,

Mini planetarium, solar system etc.

Tinkering Club

Tinkering club by box of science

This club facilitates 'Makers Space' culture.

We have created a Tinkering Kit for kids which helps in understanding standard tools, measures, cutting, fixing and carpentry processes. Kids design their projects with it.

Robotics Clubs

robotics club by box of science

School robotics club is a right place for technical education. In this era of advancement, technical education has got  vital importance. We have designed a holistic program for inculcating robotics. 

NatureLab Club

nature club by box of science

Study of environment, nature through books and videos is incomplete without activities. Hence we have developed kits for studying nature, planting and energy.

Kids make different projects on their own.