Teachers training program by Box of Science

Activity Based Teaching and Learning

We have developed diverse programs for teachers. The vision is to facilitate teachers with hands on tools and kits. Teachers can use these kits and techniques in classroom. Experiential teaching helps in explaining concepts swiftly. Even kids find it more interesting. 

It is necessary to spread culture of 'Learning by doing'. For any society, attainment of skilled human resource can only happen through 'Activity Based Education'. Rote learning will never generate skilled personnel. In the era of technology there is an urgent need for revamping teaching methodology. 

We call it 'Classroom 2.0' . Where it is easy to convey ideas, concepts through hands on activities. Where kids engage themselves with teachers. Our programs are facilitating number of schools.

We also support them with 'Box of Science kits' 

Our programs for teachers also extends to rural areas. We have catered numerous programs for rural schools. 'Science from trash' is theme for the same. We have developed simple tools for teachers and kids. Most of them needs household material. 

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