Teachers Training

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Equipping Transformers

Education naturally becomes the first step, when it comes to reigniting any nation. And to do so, teachers play instrumental role.Hence we call them as - Transformers. At Box of Science, we are busy in developing unique ways to equip these transformers. 

 Since dawn of human civilization, Guru's have been major part of transformation in society. In ancient times, our education system was more dynamic. It was based on ' Learning by doing' culture. In modern times, specially after going through a century of British Raj, the system was successfully degraded.
There are number of facets when it comes to revamping Indian Education system. One amongst them is 'Teaching Tools'. If we look around there is a huge dearth of classroom teaching aids.
We need to reinvent idea of 'Lecture'.
At 'Box of Science' , we are trying to solve this gap. 

Our teachers training programs are creatively designed to suit 'Experiential Culture'. During such workshops we provide our take home kits to trainees. Contact us for further details of this initiative.